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Which Out-of-Home Campaigns Shined Brightest in 2020?: An OBIE Awards Recap

Posted by Mike McGraw on Jun 10, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising remains a powerful medium for brands to connect their story with consumers in communities around the world. And Clear Channel Outdoor’s OOH artists are among the most gifted at shaping those stories creatively.

Every day, our team of creatives in markets across the U.S. use their talents and unique understanding of the world’s largest canvas to execute a brand’s vision, influence behavior and inspire action among millions of consumers monthly.

And every year, the OBIE Awards recognizes the “best of the best” of these efforts. Since 1942, the OBIE Awards has served as one of the oldest and most prestigious honors for creative excellence in advertising, given annually by the OAAA (Out of Home Advertising Association of America). The OBIE name was derived from the ancient Egyptian Obelisk, a tall stone structure used to publicize laws and treaties thousands of years ago, which many historians consider to be the first true form of advertising. 

Despite the unexpected backdrop of COVID-19 this year, the OBIE Awards show went on in late May! OAAA virtually recognized OBIE winners from among a select group of campaigns that pushed the boundaries of creativity in 18 different categories, such as entertainment, customization, non-profits and public service. More than 650 campaigns were submitted among 50 creative agencies and brands across the country.   

CCO is proud to boast of several OBIE winners and finalists this year—all of whom are listed below.

Bronze OBIE Winners:

Wild Australia

Bringing an almost true-to-life zoo experience to OOH, CCOA-Southcentral’s design team worked directly with the San Antonio Zoo on this custom installation, which features these friendly (and adorable) faces from down under.

San Antonio Zoo - Wild Australia


Rideshare Directional Signage at SEA-TAC

Last year, Clear Channel Airports (CCA) partnered with Uber and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA-TAC) to help arriving passengers find their rideshare easily by following directional signage that guides them to their Uber pickup spot. 

Uber - SEA-TAC Rideshare

This first of its kind campaign and custom installation utilized an innovative wayfinding strategy, with a goal to alleviate the stress travelers experience when making their way through the twists, turns and terminals of the airport.


Luka Magic

Following up from last year as the largest augmented reality (AR) installation ever in the U.S, this second-time OBIE winner continued to engage, excite, and inspire communities through immersive experiences outside the stadium. In collaboration with local creative technology agency Groove Jones, “magic” truly came to life with another slam dunk for the Dallas Mavericks!

Dallas Mavericks - Luka Magic Mural

Press play and watch the "magic" happen!


End Ageism

The San Francisco Human Services Agency had a mission in mind: to create a more inclusive city around aging through communal connection and supportive services. With Big Wave Media, thought-provoking messages were displayed throughout the city to disrupt negative stereotypes of older people and emphasize their value within the community.

This recognition could not have come at a more pertinent time as the world has witnessed how older adults have been severely affected by the pandemic.

San Francisco Human Services Agency - End Ageism


Clear Channel Outdoor is proud to receive this high-level of acknowledgement for our work with these valued brand partners. Congratulations to all our OBIE winners!

View all the 2020 OBIE winners here.

Browse the photo gallery below to see our OBIE Finalists:

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*Sources: OAAA

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