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Grocers Cut Through Circular Clutter with Innovative Out-of-Home Campaigns, Powered by Ad Tech

Posted by Bob McCuin on Jun 12, 2019 8:00:00 AM
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For grocers looking to cut through the clutter of weekly mailers, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has proved to be an effective partner in ringing up new sales opportunities. By using digital mobile location data, marketers can now identify shoppers’ travel patterns and behaviors in the physical world, identifying routes consumers most often travel and the optimal billboard locations to reach them.

Once consumers have been exposed to the billboards, marketers can retarget them with a digital coupon/offer via mobile and other digital platforms. Analysis of this same data delivers measurable outcomes and actionable insights to further reinforce a brand’s message among their desired consumer groups. In this post, we share a recent case study from a leading grocery chain employing this strategy.


Proximity Targeting

A leading regional grocery chain in Minneapolis sought to generate consumer interest and awareness of weekly specials throughout their target area. Using Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR, the brand opted for proximity targeting selecting high impression digital billboards within five miles of participating stores. Their creative rotated weekly, highlighting seasonal promotions, with directional messaging driving shoppers to the nearest store.

Clear Channel Outdoor demonstrated that consumers who were exposed to the chain’s OOH advertising were nearly twice as likely to visit their stores when compared to consumers who did not see the OOH campaign. In addition, visitation rates were 226% higher among those exposed to the OOH ads 11+ times, proving that regular and consistent exposure to the OOH ads helped drive visits.

Going the Distance for a Good Deal

The study also showed that consumers were willing to visit one of the advertised grocery stores—even if the last OOH ad they saw wasn’t in proximity to the store. In fact, 36%  visited a location more than 10 miles from where they live, demonstrating that consumers remember OOH advertising and are willing to travel longer distances to shop at stores they know and trust.


Advertisers in a range of categories, including restaurants, auto, hospitality and health and fitness, have also bagged success using these new OOH solutions, available through Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR. Whether building brand awareness or promoting daily or weekly specials, consumer packaged goods brands and grocers alike are reaping the benefits of these new campaign tools while using the real-time immediacy and flexibility of digital OOH. Here's how they're using it:
  • To reach specific audience segments based upon an understanding of their online/offline behaviors and travel patterns
  • To understand consumers’ actions taken after exposure to the OOH campaign (store visits, app and coupon downloads, etc.)
  • To reinforce the OOH messaging with supportive ads on mobile devices; and
  • To apply actionable insights to optimize future efforts

$670 Billion Dollar Grocer's Market

There are nearly 40,000 grocery stores in a highly competitive $670 billion U.S. grocery business. Use out-of-home to influence consumers in key moments that matter during their decision making process. Clear Channel Outdoor has creative, data-driven solutions to help your brands remain competitive by targeting your desired consumers.

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