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5 Reasons to Add Premiere Panels To Your Media Mix

Posted by Jennifer Hurley on Jun 18, 2019 8:43:50 AM
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Visually striking, vinyl-wrapped outdoor displays, Premiere Panels are informative, engaging and effective. They deliver reach, scale and frequency similar to bulletins, combined with the street level impact of transit shelters. According to a recent Nielsen Poster Study, 55% of those surveyed said when they noticed a directional Premiere Panel they changed their plans and visited the business advertised, and 60% said they are a good way to learn about sales, events and new businesses in the area. And they're memorable—those exposed 11+ times had an average ad recall of 55%.

Here are 5 reasons to add Premiere Panels to your media mix:


Capture geographic coverage in key areas that are difficult to achieve with bulletins alone. Premiere Panels take your campaign street level. And when you localize your message, consumers engage and recall increases, building instant rapport.

Nordstrom Rack Premiere Panel


Drive foot traffic, call volume and web search by engaging consumers when they are in close proximity to where they live, and near their common places of purchase.

Sleep Number Premiere Panel


Build customized networks that deliver against specific consumer profiles with RADARView, a dynamic campaign planning tool that combines digital audience insight with demographics and location targeting to efficiently reach your desired customer.

Sun Bum Premiere Panel


A larger format creates an opportunity for extensions and diversifies creative possibilities.

PSC Metals Premiere Panel

Woodies Wash Shack Premiere Panel

Miller Lite Beer Premiere Panel


What's better than one premiere panel? Two! Use side-by-side displays to get crafty with your messaging, doubling the impact of your can't-miss creative.

Starbucks Side-by-Side Premiere Panels

Breakfast Club Side-by-Side Premiere Panels

Glossier Stacked Premiere Panels

Wilderness Resort Stacked Premiere Panels


Call us to map out your 2019 Out-of-Home campaign. Our teams of in-house designers can help develop innovative creative for your business, just like the examples above. Our team can also provide data-driven solutions to help target the audiences you want to reach most, in the right times and places, with messaging that is contextually relevant.

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