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2020: The Summertime of Drive Time

Posted by Kenetta Bailey on Jun 29, 2020 10:33:05 AM
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After months of sheltering in place, Americans are getting back to a sense of normalcy. Stay-at-home restrictions are lifting, and many people are returning to their places of work. But, what marks the true beginning of Summer 2020 is that school-at-home has ended for the season. Kids want to get out of the house, families are ready for summer vacation and businesses and tourist destinations are reopening.

For many Americans, vacations this summer will be different than in years past. Fifty-three percent of Americans say they’re planning to take summer vacations. And 62% of those vacationers say they’ll pack up the car and hit the highway, an increase of 72% from 2019.

This year, road trips will be longer, as 54% of people plan to travel more than 400 miles round trip, and 13% of people are planning journeys of over 1,000 miles. If you’re out West, California is the number one vacation destination. In the South, people are headed to Florida. Some Midwesterners are planning to stay relatively close to home, with a jaunt to Wisconsin; while others will travel farther away to a Florida destination. And, many on the East Coast will spend time in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Nearly 25% of travelers plan to spend over $2,500 on their vacation, which is a 26% increase over the average reported by Business Insider in 2019. The summer travel forecast is clear: people are eager to get out and about spending money again. This is great news for retailers, restaurants, service stations, hotels and theme parks and attractions which are ready to welcome customers back to their establishments. 

And as they finally get “out and about” here is what they say they’ll be doing:

Top Planned Activities

  • Quality time with family and friends 36%
  • Dining out 35%
  • Visiting beaches and lakes 34%
  • Shopping 30%
  • Recreational activities 28%
  • Sightseeing 27%

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*Sources: OAAA 2020 Consumer Summer Vacation Plans Survey; June, 2020 and Business Insider, August 9, 2019

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