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When Unpredictable Weather Strikes – Digital Billboards Provide Real-Time Alerts

Posted by Jennifer Hurley on Oct 30, 2017 3:19:20 PM
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We are a nation that lies across multiple time zones with wildly varying weather patterns. As the East Coast braced for hurricane season, the West prepared for wildfire season. California remains on guard for the 'Big One,' and states in the Great Plains keep their storm shelters well stocked for when the tornado siren blares.

Digital billboards planted throughout the US can relay safety messages and updates to local communities in real-time. Here are a few examples that share how out-of-home is always tuned in, even when weather is at its worst:

Hurricane Season

When hurricanes struck back-to-back with lethal force, local news outlets used digital out-of-home to share real-time weather mapping and storm tracking information, keeping residents informed. Aid relief announcements appeared in the days immediately following, providing a way for communities to volunteer and raise funds for those in need, and local businesses offered solutions for damage and insurance assessment:

WPTV Hurricane Matthew Digital Billboard.jpg

ABC Tracking Hurricane Matthew Billboard .jpg

American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Billboard.jpg

Course of Action Puerto Rico Digital Billboard.jpg

ServiceMaster Hurricane Relief Billboard.jpg

Drought & Fire Season

For parched regions, water conservation is a way of life. These digital displays reminded the local community about current water restrictions, and in the case of wildfire, where to turn to for emergency alerts:

Las Vegas Valley Water District Billboard.jpg

Southern California Water Committee Billboard.jpg

LA County Fire Billboard.jpg

Pollen Count & Air Quality Concerns

Cherry blossoms are a welcome sign of spring – and a reminder to allergy sufferers everywhere that runny noses are in their immediate future. As pollen counts and smog levels rose, advertisers leveraged air quality numbers with products offering relief:

Claritin Pollen Count Billboard.jpg

Dyson Pollution Billboard.jpg

Target Pollen Count Billboard.jpg

Snow Conditions

Everyone loves the thought of making snow angels and hoisting a few snowballs at their neighbors, until cabin fever sets in. When inclement weather shifted from a few flakes to a whiteout, these digital boards displayed alerts from local government agencies and sponsors so residents could stay informed and prepare for closures:

City of Minneapolis Snow Emergency billboard.jpg

MEMA Alert billboard.jpg

NJ Advance Media billboard.jpg

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