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What We're Loving in OOH: June 2018

Posted by Jennifer Hurley on Jun 21, 2018 12:00:00 PM
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Summer is here, and there's FUN everywhere you look. If you're one of those people experiencing FOMO if your calendar isn't packed with activities, or feel a sudden sadness when scrolling Insta and seeing you were the only one not riding an inflatable swan last weekend, don't fret -- it's only June.

DeadPool 2 Floaty Billboard

Just look up, or down if you're at Chicago's Metra station, and submerse yourself in the splish-splash of summer imagery.  Wisconsin Dells, aka The Waterpark Capital of the World, transformed the station's hustle and bustle into mini-moments of escape. Check out the 3D pool below...wonder how many tired commuters looked down and jumped, thinking they were actually standing in a real pool. Ok, that's a sign folks, you need a vacation, get booking!

Wisconsin Dells Chicago Metra Station Domination 2

Wisconsin Dells Chicago Metra Platform Display

Wisconsin Dells Chicago Metra Station Domination 3 

Look at this slide -- can you almost feel your stomach drop?!

Wisconsin Dells Waterslide Chicago Metra Ad


If the dousing of summer ads above didn't whet your appetite for more water works, here are some billboard displays with toasty hues, chill copy, and eye-catching messaging:


After an unusually long winter, all that stowed energy is heating up with 45% of Americans planning to take a summer vacation and an estimated $101B in spending to follow. Reach consumers on their summer journeys and become part of their adventures with fun, catchy, engaging out-of-home creative. Our team will provide data-driven solutions so that your brand messaging utilizes inventory that over-indexes for travelers, theme park visitors, nature & outdoorsy people, beach goers, etc.

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