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This Billboard Is So Awesome – Dallas made it a Landmark!

Posted by Jennifer Hurley on Sep 21, 2017 3:05:15 PM
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When you think of Dallas, what comes to mind?  Probably the Cowboys - the team and the real ones, Reunion Tower, JR, the Mavs and...a landmark waterfall?  That's right, Dallas is home to a landmark billboard with a 45-foot plunging man-made waterfall along I-35 on Goat Hill. The Clear Channel Dallas waterfall billboard has pumped a steady stream of cascading water since 1956, when it debuted with an ad for Pearl Beer:

1962 Pearl Beer.jpg 1956 Pearl Beer Billboard

The board has since displayed other big brands including Absolut and Salem, and for over two decades, MillerCoors, which has established a permanent residency:

1968 Salem.jpg1968 Salem Cigarettes Billboard

1973 Red Light.jpg1973 Red Light Billboard

1987 Absolut.jpg1987 Absolut Billboard

1996-MillerCoors-Coors-Light.jpg1996 Coors Light Billboard

The iconic billboard boasts a colorful past as pranksters have thrown skinny dipping parties on-site, dyed the water orange and red during the Red River Showdown, and dumped loads of detergent into the cascade, creating mounds of soapsuds. And when temps dip, the waterfall is known to freeze over entirely:


The landmark board has historically highlighted local and national sporting events:

Blog: Dallas Waterfall Billboard

And during Mavs games or holidays, the water turns an appropriate shade for the event -- Maverick blue or a creepy red for Halloween:



 Due to its history and iconic status, the city of Dallas designated the board an "Extraordinarily Significant Sign" in 2008, and with the ordinance, the site underwent a much needed facelift provided by Rock-Scapes:




And now, the landmark board will be a major draw for some lucky apartment dwellers as a new housing development has taken shape behind the site. Some view, huh?


Dallas Waterfall Billboard.jpg

Make a big, bold statement with a landmark site. It worked for MillerCoors, it'll work for you! 

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