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Billboards Provide a Fashion Show – 24/7

Posted by Jennifer Hurley on Sep 7, 2017 6:11:08 PM
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Fashion has always been ingrained in out-of-home. It's not like we're donning our best when we're lounging on the sofa. Style was borne out of the desire to look sharp when we step out. The sidewalk serves as one's personal runway and the billboard is fashion's marquee. Whether you're invariably on-trend, a diehard fashionista or more the, "Hey, this looks clean" type, inspiration is bound to strike when your eyes land on a 14' x 48' canvas. Brands smartly choose to use advertising's largest displays to show off their goods, models included.

Out-of-Home advertising provides a veritable fashion show for the on-the-go consumer, with campaigns from luxury designers like Valentino and Saint Laurent, to retailers from Barneys to Victoria's Secret, to local boutiques showcasing style specific to their region. Fashion is an easy category to pull outstanding OOH creative examples from. The challenge was narrowing down our gallery, but as any good designer knows – the magic happens in the cut. So here's our OOH fashion round-up:

Blog: Fashion Week

In fashion, everything old is new again, so let's take a step back in billboard time and see what fashion trends have been recycled. Will the 1980s' shoulder-padded power suit make a comeback? Hint: Yes, we've already seen fall previews. Check out these vintage fashion ads for more retro inspiration:

Desmonds Billboard 1920s.jpgDesmond's - 1920s

Stetson Hats Billboard 1920s.jpgStetson Hats - 1920s

Bullocks Billboard 1930s.jpgBullock's - 1930s

Renart Billboard 1950s.jpgRenart - 1940s

Jackman BIllboard 1950s.jpgJackman - 1950s

Oldsmobile Billboard 1960s.jpgOldsmobile - 1960s

Levis Billboard 1960s.jpgLevi's - 1960s

Bonjour Billboard 1970s.jpgBon Jour Fashion - 1970s

Calvin Klein Billboard 1980s.jpgCalvin Klein Jeans - 1980s

Chanins Billboard 1980s.jpgChanins - 1980s

Fashion Square Billboard 1990s.jpgFashion Square - 1990s

Skechers Billboard 2000s.jpgSkechers - 1990s

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