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What We're Loving in Out-of-Home:  A Megalodon, Vodka and Tom Cruise

Posted by Rainbow Kirby on Aug 14, 2018 1:32:57 PM

Not since childhood have we been so terrified of the water, thanks to this haunting visual of summer fun that's about to turn horrifying. The Meg, is apparently not the nickname for the cute, friendly lifeguard at the neighborhood pool, but a prehistoric-sized creature that likes tubes, legs and all things made of flesh. Check out this adrenaline-boosting out-of-home creative that may make some weekend warriors change direction while en route to the beach:

The Meg Billboard

In other summer impossibilities, Tom Cruise proves once again that age has no number, as he dangles from a helicopter without a hair falling out of place. Mission Impossible: Fallout continues to crush it at the box office worldwide, and of course we think the unskippable, outdoor creative in Times Square helped fuel the anticipation for this blockbuster:

Mission Impossible Fallout Billboard Domination in Times Square

Dogs Lost in a Maze That Is Also in Egypt is coming to a theater near some point. Stoic-looking dogs on a billboard will always grab our attention, especially when Vitamin Water appears to be the missing link:

Coca-Cola Dogs Lost in a Maze Billboard

And if you have a few curious moments this summer, CALL BRANDON. He has a headset (gets paid in Vitamin Water), and has a tune for you -- much cheaper than $200/hr. for therapy:

Coca-Cola Call Brandon Metra AD

Check out our gallery for more creative head-turners featuring mutts, vodka, Kevin Hart, and that performer that got "Havana" stuck in your head for months:

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