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What We're Loving in OOH: Blindfolds, The Big Game and Joy Itself

Posted by Rainbow Kirby on Jan 24, 2019 8:00:00 AM

After the decorations and holiday lights were finally stowed...(wait, you don't still have your lights up, do you?), we hope you've caught up on your "To (Binge) Watch" list. It's about time you found out what all those people on YouTube walking around blindfolded with birds on their shoulders, walking into walls are doing—and what they've been watching. And then there are your neighbors tossing boxes out front, proclaiming "This doesn't bring me joy!" What's going on? Here's a hint, check out these displays in Times Square and more of What We're Loving for your OOH cultural check:

BIrd Box in Times Square

BIrd Box in Times Square Close Up

This display sure made the pigeons in Times Square jealous, they've never seen birds catch fame like this.

Netflix Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Just in time for those looking for New Year, New You cleansing rituals to employ, Marie Kondo entered the realm of social consciousness. According to The Atlantic, "The organizational guru’s new Netflix series isn’t about judgment, decor, or the spectacle of mess. It’s about cultivating empathy for the things that surround us." Ok, then, let's do this!

If live sports is more your thing, the biggest show of all is coming to Atlanta (and your flat screen) on Feb. 3rd. The planning has been long underway, and here is a preview of some of the out-of-home signage toasting the city as it prepares to welcome more than 150,000 guests for the Super Bowl, with a million more expected to attend related events over the course of 10 days.

AMB Sports Billboard PHOTO CREDIT-Abell ImagesPhoto Credit: Abell Images

AMB Sports Entertainment Billboard

Jersey Mikes Big Game Billboard

Bud Light Big Game Billboard

Check out our gallery for more of What We're Loving including iPhones in the hills, a ginormous whale who acknowledges that "before you can BE BRAVE you have to be SCARED" and the iconic beauty of Cartier red:

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*Sources: The Atlantic, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

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