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What We're Loving in OOH: January 2018

Posted by Rainbow Kirby on Jan 18, 2018 4:15:18 PM
Happy New Year! We're kicking it off with a roundup of a few campaigns that have been turning heads and boosting social media feeds as brands dive right into 2018. From pigskin to egg-and-cheese sandwiches to "feeding your wild side," one January theme is evident: Cold weather makes people hungry! We're a bit biased because 3D billboards with food ALWAYS get our stomachs growling, but let's see what you think.


Whether you've been glued to your couch every Saturday and Sunday the last few weeks or not, it's kind of hard to miss the excitement leading up to the Big Game on February 4.  Host city, Minneapolis, has been fueling anticipation all season long with a digital countdown clock and has added bright creative with #SBII and purple undertones, a subtle shoutout to their hometeam (and local legend Prince, too?).

Super Bowl Countdown Clock Billboard.jpg

The city will welcome thousands headed north to experience the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, or once-a-year experience (for the lucky ones). It's an opportune time to display your messaging in highly visible locales and roadways, including the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Reach out to our Minneapolis outdoor team to find out more. And check out how Bud Light, Duluth Trading and Sleep Number are using sharp copy to attract football fans:

Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee

Bud Light Super Bowl Digital Billboard.jpg

Duluth Trading Super Bowl Billboard.jpg

Sleep Number Super Bowl Digital Billboard.jpg

Jack Link Wild Side Billboard.jpg


Winter weather has that hibernating effect of making soup, long johns and tissues with aloe the most requested shopping list items. And comfort food is never more comforting than when you haven't seen the sun in a week and can't remember what 70 degrees actually feels like. 

Panera Bread understands, and their new creative has us craving bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches all day long because, "Over easy isn't easy." The campaign is running in several markets across the country including Milwaukee and San Antonio.  The 3D cheese oozing from the bun makes us want to drive to Panera that much faster. Well done, creative engineers, we can't wait to hear how you made the goo...but we won't tell our kids, or they may try and replicate it at home.

Click on our gallery below for more head-turning campaigns, and get your creative juices flowing -- the heat is on (inside your office)!

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