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Tax Season: Out-of-Home Tactics for Great Advertising Returns

Posted by Rainbow Kirby on Jan 30, 2018 11:24:58 AM

While there are plenty of uncertainties in life, filing one's annual tax return is not one of them. For many, the sight of W-2s and financial statements in the mail makes hearts pound and palms moist. Thankfully, there's help right around the corner, literally – with billboard reminders of who to call, where to go and how to save and/or spend, depending on how big that refund may be!

Here are a few ways brands can display their solutions as consumers weave through their daily journey, with due date, Tuesday, April 17th lingering on the horizon:

Post a Countdown Clock to Filing Day

To avoid the last-minute dash, a digital countdown clock can act as a big motivator for those who lose track of time."Why wait?" asks H&R Block in a billboard campaign from 2016.



H&R-Block-Tax-Countdown Digital Billboard.jpg


Promote Services with Incentives

Displaying billboard copy with phrases like, "Everybody Gets CASH and "We Find Money Others Miss," are strong points to support standard tax services. Businesses and financial institutions that offer services to help liquidate refunds is just one of the timely solutions that filers can use during tax season.





Share Ideas for How to Spend and/or Invest Tax Refunds

According to Forbes, in 2017, three out of four tax filers received refunds from the IRS, averaging around $2,800, and reported using those refunds "to pay down debt, build up rainy day bank accounts and make big purchases." Smart advertisers are quick with suggestions of where to place that return – from home improvements to investments to mobile upgrades – in prominent out-of-home displays.


Sky Light Roofing Orlando Billboard.jpg

Prudential-Reagan National Airport Advertising.jpg

Simply Prepaid Transit Shelter Display.jpg


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*Source: Forbes 2018:

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