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Billboards Encourage Voter Action

Posted by Rainbow Kirby on Nov 2, 2018 11:30:00 AM

Regardless of issue, affiliation, party, candidate or zip code, only one thing will make a difference on November 6th: Showing up. Of the myriad challenges political candidates face today—delivering campaign messages to their voters, getting new voters to the polls, standing out against their opponents—what they need most is for their constituents to move beyond social media posts and dinnertime debate and to VOTE.

Billboards deliver by building brand awareness, driving action with no interruptions, reaching voters by district, demographics and behavior and by being omnipresent. While  political campaigns have traditionally placed their buys on television, many are becoming more savvy in their planning and using out-of-home strategically, including, which placed their messaging on more than 2,500 billboards in nine states, including Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. chose billboards and other large-scale public advertising because of the lower percentage of younger voting people who watch broadcast television. The billboards they posted are direct, telling people simply to vote and include the election date in English and Spanish: Tucson Billboard Phoenix Billboard

The Skimm, a daily newsletter that keeps millennials informed about current events, used outdoor advertising to share their No Excuses nonpartisan campaign with a goal of getting 100,000 young people to the polls to vote in the midterm elections. By typing their physical address into The Skimm's Ballot Cheat Sheet, voters can find all the info they need for their local races.

TheSkimm Vote Midterms Billboard

The Skimm Vote Billboard

These outdoor shelter ads are reaching commuters with bold, impactful copy, and encouraging them to vote, "Like Your Health Depends On It":

California State Outdoor Adv Vote Transit Ad

California Endowment Comment and Vote Transit Ad

Here's a flashback to 2016 when the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) launched the "Vote to Count" PSA campaign reminding Americans that while all labels matter, only one label counts on election day: VOTER. 

OAAA Only one label counts billboard

The message is clear: To be heard, get out and VOTE!

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*Sources: AZ Central; TheSkimm; CNN Business

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